The laboratory started its operation as a food-water laboratory in July, 1991.

In 1993 the laboratory added environmental determinations (air/liquids/solids) in its scope of services.

In 1995 it introduced for the first time the ISO9002 procedures and increased its personnel from two to three persons.

In 1996 having foreseen the rapid increase of the pharmaceutical industry on the island, it introduced analyses to serve this demanding sector of the industry.

In 1998 the laboratory personnel was increased from 3 to 4 persons, while today the laboratory employs 30 people in a variety of specializations.

In 1999 the laboratory introduced the ISO 45000 procedures and in February of 2002 it applied for accreditation according to EN/ISO 17025. In July of the same year had its first audit from the Greek National Accreditation Body (ESYD), and in November of the same year was finally evaluated for accreditation. In January of 2003 it was the first organization on the island to receive the ISO 17025 accreditation.

In 2006 the laboratory initiated its independent research program by participations in local (National) and international (EU) programs.

During the same year the laboratory initiated a training program for its customers which includes highly specific and targeted audiences such as air sampling and swimming pool hygiene procedures.

Up to today, the laboratory completed five, 4-year cycles of its accreditation, initially with ESYD and afterwards, following the relative EU directive, transferred its accreditation to the local accreditation organization (KOPP). Every year the laboratory expands its scope of accreditation and today the scope includes simple as well as advance methods of mass spectrometry.

Continuing its training offering to the community, the laboratory has offered its laboratories and apparatuses for training to the University of Cyprus graduate student for courses on food microbiology and food chemistry.