Educational Programs

Following the request of its customers but also of the local community, the laboratory decided to offer training to very specific need of the industry. Such training includes:

  • Seminars in specialized areas such as
  1. Use of water in swimming pools and problems that arise from their use
  2. Presence of legionella in water and ways to overcome this problem
  3. Air contaminants
  4. Sampling and analysis techniques , Etc.

The training program of the laboratory is very specific for the relevant industries which face such problems. The training can be offered at the specific industry premises or at premises where a number of industries can participate. Such programs are usually funded by funding partners such as HRDA.

  • Open presentations for the general public or scientists interested in scientific findings or results from the laboratory research projects.
  • Educational lectures in collaboration with universities for
  1. Practical, hands-on experience or laboratory experimentation
  2. Quality Control and Quality services
  • Erasmus visitors for few weeks training
  • Audits, quality systems for the industry and services.