Didaktor 2008

Remediation of Petroleum Polluted Soils in Cyprus

Several petroleum products provide more than 60% of the planet’s total energy. They are used mainly for transportation, for the production of electricity, and space heating. In addition to that, petroleum products are used as lubricants, solvents, waterproof materials and serve as raw materials for the production of plastics and other kinds of products which are generally called ““petrochemicals””. Therefore, we wouldn’t exaggerate in claiming that western life is based on petroleum and its products.

This research project was funded by the Research Promotion Foundation of the Cyprus government and aimed at the suggestion of methods for the remediation of soils polluted with petroleum products on the island.

The project’s goals

  • The evaluation of the pollution levels in the old refinery territory in Larnaca in order to highlight the real scope of the problem.
  • The suggestion of an economically viable remediation method.

The final method that will emerge should lead to sufficient removal levels, with the lowest possible cost, without further environmental damage from toxic intermediate products.