A significant amount of the chemicals produced worldwide today end up in the environment during their production, use or disposal.

The main goal of the PASSAM project is the design and development of passive samplers (PSs) that can be used for the sampling of pollutants in water samples.

The proposed PSs are made in miniaturized size, in the form of microfibers, based on modified graphene and polymeric materials, suitable for the sampling of a wide range of organic chemical pollutants, in various environmental systems.

Successful implementation of these innovative PDs will help the environmental laboratories and research centers in their work and then the general economy, which is directly or indirectly related to the environment. At the service level, it will help reduce the time to complete the analysis, with low manufacturing costs, minimize the use of solvents, while at the research center level, it will be a new tool for evaluating the presence of pollutants and identifying polluting sources.

Acronym: PASSAM

Category: National Projects

Funding: Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry

Program: Development of Innovative Products and Services