Laboratory Accreditation

The global community, in order to help the international trade, has established specific rules and procedures in order to make sure that the results are identical and verifiable irrespective of the testing laboratory. For this reason the independence of services, accuracy of results, and professional performance were set by these sets of rules.

According to these rules and procedures, each country has to establish a National Accreditation Body (Council) which is responsible to regularly observe the laboratories.

In 2002 cp Foodlab ltd, in the absence of a national accreditation body on the island, applied to the Greek National Accreditation body (ESYD) for accreditation according to EN/ISO 17025. In January of 2003 the laboratory was the first organization on the island to receive accreditation and was accredited for a series of chemical and microbiological methods. For twelve consecutive years and until June of 2015 the laboratory was on the accreditation list of ESYD.

With the application of the relevant directive in 2014, where all the laboratories have to be accredited by their National Accreditation body, cp Foodlab ltd applied to the local body (KOPP) for the transfer of its accreditation. The laboratory was audited and signed on the KOPP accreditation list in June 2015.

The scope of accreditation of the laboratory includes a large number of parameters in all analytical and microbiological techniques of its capabilities. The lab is also the first on the island that includes a flexible scope of accreditation for various methods / parameters.

Scope of accreditation

Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP

Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP

After the request of its customers in the pharmaceutical industry the laboratory applied for the GMP, something which was necessary for the analyses of the relevant industry. An audit by the pharmaceutical section of the ministry of health followed and the laboratory received the GMP in 2013.