The major aim of the HealthyVeggies project is to establish an economic and efficient production line for washed salads by the Alion Vegetables & Fruits Co Ltd, the leading provider of fresh vegetables to the Cypriot market. Through the HealthyVeggies project, the team examines some major parameters that are believed to affect the quality characteristics of the washed products and relate to (a) the presence of chlorates due to the use of chlorinated water during washing and (b) a number of microbiological parameters that need to be monitored prior to product release. In addition, the team has incorporated tests in order to examine the recycling of water used to wash the proposed goods, in an attempt to minimize its overall cost of production and promote a more environmentally friendly production cycle. The project involves a carefully designed experimental plan that is being executed by the Alion Vegetables & Fruits Co Ltd and CP Foodlab Ltd, the leading laboratory for chemical and microbiological analysis of food and environmental samples in Cyprus.

Acronym: HealthyVeggies

Category: National Projects

Funding: Research & Innovation Foundation

Program: Research in Enterprises

Other Partners: Alion Vegetables & Fruits Co Ltd