Quality of Services

«… in the very recent past, a quality hotel was considered the one offering a large variety of services, had a beautiful sea view or had a good looking appearance. Today however, the concept of quality has changed with the introduction of quality assurance in all areas of the hotel such as in the swimming pool, in the kitchen, the sewage treatment plant, the sea water etc…»

Cp FoodLab ltd analyses a large number of samples from hotels, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets etc. every year. Routine analyses required by quality or safety systems such as ISO 9000, ISO 22000, and ISO 14000 are performed on a daily basis in the lab. These services include:

  • Chemical and microbiological testing of swimming pool water, sewage, sea water, closed water circuits etc.,
  • Chemical and microbiological testing of food for parameters such pesticides, toxins, salmonella, listeria etc.,
  • Chemical and microbiological testing for validation and suitability of chemicals and disinfectants,
  • Offering advice on facing chemical and microbiological threats,
  • Offering training on solving problems and offering solutions to possible treats, and
  • Auditing quality and safety systems for improvement and control.