Our Foodlab

Cp. Foodlab was established in July of 1991 with the primary purpose of offering its services to the food industry and the water distributors/bottlers. Its aim was to cover the needs in hygiene testing along with the product improvement and development.

However, the increasing demand in such services, mainly due to the fact that the island has join the European Union, led the laboratory to re-examine its scope, and in 1994 it introduced environmental analyses as well.

Shortly after, the rapid increase in the production of pharmaceuticals and the subsequent need for related analyses led the laboratory to re-examine its services offerings, thus introducing new analyses in this specialized sector of the industry (1996).

In 2006 the laboratory further expanded its services by establishing a research department which initiated its operation by participations in projects both nationally and internationally.

The laboratory personnel today include people with a variety of specializations and degrees.

The laboratory as a team of professionals, offers solutions to industrial problems, services to the governmental sector, individuals, the hotel and catering establishments, the pharmaceuticals sector as well as overseas companies/industries.

The laboratory analyzes more than 50000 samples per year covering most of the local requirements on the island.