Workshop Presentations

Workshop for the presentation of the research programme:

“Remediation of Soils Polluted with Petroleum Products in Cyprus, pilot testing in an area near Larnaca”


Soil pollution by petroleum products is an exceptionally significant problem faced by industrially developed countries and Cyprus isn’t an exception.

The need for soil remediation is a problem demanding immediate solution during the future years. Numerous techniques have been used for soil remediation, which are based either on certain physico-chemical properties of the pollutants, or on the ability of proper micro-organisms to use them as energy and carbon source. The choice of a certain method depends on the pollutants in the soil (quantity and quality), the soil’s condition, as well as the required cost.

It is most understandable that the ideal remediation method is the one that ensures the highest removal levels possible at the lowest cost.

The project aims at the suggestion of a remediation method for the detoxification of soils polluted with petroleum products. The final method that will emerge should lead to sufficient removal levels for the pollutants, with the lowest possible cost, without further environmental impact from toxic intermediate products.

During the workshop, the researchers will present the results of the research, which then will be discussed.

The project was funded by the Research Promotion Foundation.

Workshop Programme

  • “Petroleum products in the environment and remediation techniques”

Dr Angelos Dados,
cp Foodlab, ltd

  • “Development and application of effective bio-catalytical systems, aiming at the degradation of pollutants”

Dr Charalambos Stamatis,
Associate Professor
Biological Applications and Technologies Department
University of Ioannina

  • “Construction of pilot units for the remediation of polluted soils”

Dr Polyvios Eleftheriou
Mechanical Engineering Department
Cyprus University of Technology

  • “Dangers to Cyprus’ natural environment”

Melina Menelaou
Ecological Movement

  • Remediation of petroleum polluted soils in Cyprus

Dr Angelos Dados, cp Foodlab, ltd

  • Discussion