Presentations – Publication

Presentations in conferences

  • 12th Chemistry Conference Greece – Cyprus, 8-10/05/2015, Thessaloniki, Greece, “Application of dodecyldiamine-modified magnetic grapheme nanoparticles for the prconcentration of pesticides from environmental samples” A. Dados, E Kartsiouli, C. Papastephanou, C Stalikas
  • Isranalytica 2015 The Annual Meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry society 14-15/01/2015 Tel Aviv, “Multi-class pesticide residue analysis using Dodecyldiamine-modified magnetic grapheme nanoparticles and GC-MS. A. Dados, E Kartsiouli, C. Papastephanou, C Stalikas
  • 8th European Conference on pesticides and related organic micropollutants in the environment and 14th Symposium in Chemistry and fate of modern pesticides 18-21/09/2014, Ioannina, Greece “Multi-class pesticide residue analysis using poly(divinylbenzene-styrene)-coated oleic acid-magnetite nanoparticles and GC-MS” A. Dados, E Kartsiouli, A. Louppis, C. Papastephanou, C Stalikas


“Dodecyl diamine-modified magnetic graphene as a sorbent for simultaneous extraction of multiclass organic compounds and determination by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry” A. Dados, E Kartsiouli, C. Papastephanou, C Stalikas (to be submitted)